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unique timeline-based, media-rich sites


Owners of media content cannot rely solely on old methods to expose those assets. New approaches lead to new audiences or presenting it in a fresh way to old audiences.

But some content once considered virtually valueless can actually generate revenue.


Our unique timeline-based approach to presenting related media clips and other events stands in front of the crowd.

Our innovative presentation plaform allows greater creativity while still delivering real information.


The server side is a comprehensive database application, including administrative intranet. This is where all references to your web media will reside (the media itself can be on other servers).

The client side renders HTML5, CSS3, and javascript to achieve incredible effects in modern web browsers.


It depends on the extent of your media holdings and what your goals are in presenting them. As the scope increases, so goes the price of the project. Entry level is in the low thousands.

The Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform enables a structured approach to collecting and managing the data related to your web media.

NEVER BEFORE has it been both technically possible and economically feasible to deliver even smaller collections of media in such a unique fashion and with integrated social connectivity. The software foundation making this possible is the VIZdex Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform, enabling innovative delivery of content to any visitor using a modern web browser (no app to download or install).

Feel free to visit a live example at

Give Back

Corporations are not people...

... but they are comprised of people and do business with people, so there is a certain obligation to the mutual good of all people. Every profitable company should commit to an on-going campaign to improve our society in some way, no matter how small, since the multiplier effect makes it truly meaningful.

Our giveback is being a Charter Member of

The goal is to make historical interactive timelines a ubiquitous learning resource.